Wave around the world 

A project conceived and produced by BNP Paribas

The Wave exhibition,
will be in Brussels from
21 November to 2 December 2016

@expowave #WaveBrussels

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WAVE @expowave • 14 November 2016
L'#Afrique face aux défis du #DeveloppementDurable https://t.co/eeqZ1nA41A @JournalLavieeco #COP22 https://t.co/yCnQONRnCu

WAVE @expowave • 14 November 2016
Can WM Offer Smart #wastemanagement Support? https://t.co/JW4PeTI2Sa @Investopedia #SmartCity https://t.co/RgNHwIulvh

WAVE @expowave • 14 November 2016
El Market fête ses dix ans : la victoire #durable de l’#équitable https://t.co/YJR0XUIDz4 @lavoixdunordhttps://t.co/rU9bjZr6t9

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