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Co-creation in action at the Wave exhibition in China!

Co-creation in action at the Wave exhibition in China!

Many visitors seized the opportunity to tour the Wave exhibition, which was hosted at the Bank of Nanjing for 15 days. This event was a chance for all of the bank’s different types of customers to experiment with new forms of innovation!

The Bank of Nanjing’s employees attended Design Thinking workshops: during the one-day workshops, the participants met with customers, explored new market trends, and developed prototypes to design new products.

Enthused by the new ideas, the top management team, which made up the members of the jury, wanted to implement some of the proposed ideas immediately!  With these one-day workshops, employees from a range of different business lines have demonstrated that ingenuity and creativity are values shared by the majority of people at all levels of the company.

Photos of the workshops’ highlights, organised by China Bridge :





Students from Nanjing universities were also invited to take part in these workshops. Even before graduation, these students were able to put forward solutions that were a closer match for their needs as customers!

The exhibition was also an opportunity to welcome the Mayor of Nanjing and his constituents during the inauguration ceremony, and to initiate a debate on open innovation and the need to engage all stakeholders in order to evolve towards greener and more inclusive cities.  Startups were invited to pitch to the Bank of Nanjing’s top management team and to the mayor of Nanjing, to put forward practical solutions. In fact, some innovative solutions, such as those involving the integration and management of big data (proposed by the startups BDP, ComplexCity Lab, and Smart City MAP), are concepts that could revolutionise many of the bank’s processes, making it possible to offer even more advanced services, which the city, by analysing its citizens’ data, could use to facilitate city transport, energy management, waste, and more.


Mr Jianning Qian, deputy secretary general of Nanjing municipal party committee — Mr Hu, president of Bank of Nanjing — Stefaan Decraene, Head of International Retail Banking


These meetings between key economic players, the city, startups and universities were highly productive and facilitated promising new connections – proof that co-creation is a powerful lever for innovation.



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