Wave around the world 

A project conceived and produced by BNP Paribas

Collective ingenuity

Collective ingenuity, this capacity that individuals have for finding simple and effective solutions, together, for doing more with less is at that heart of the WAVE project.  The exhibition draws on and presents 5 currents, illustrated by Gobelins, l'Ecole de l'image.
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All the stakeholders in an ecosystem (individuals, companies, institutions, etc.) cooperate to co-develop solutions to problems facing our societies that they could not resolve alone.

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An economy geared towards extensive participation and satisfying the needs of the greatest number of people. All individuals are stakeholders, including people who are potentially excluded (the elderly, the disabled, the very poor, etc.).

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The 5 collective ingenuity currents

as seen by Gobelins, THE SCHOOL OF THE IMAGE