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Innovation is in everyone’s hand !

Innovation is in everyone’s hand !

Wave exhibition is being showned at the moment at Bank Of Nanjing. Based on the frugal innovation concept of “how to do more with less” from Navi Radju, the exhibition showcases inspirational exemples of innovation that highlights new ways of working.

Co creation and  maker spirit are keypoint to rethink innovation, considering innovation is in everyone hand, Bank Of Nanjing took the opportunity of Wave exhibition to experiment design thinking workshops with their employees and with students.

These workshops held by China Bridge were a chance to experiment new way of working in collaboration with people from different branch of the bank.

In one day, 3 teams of 5 participants were introduced to design thinking, so they dove into consumers need, meeting directly consumers from around the corner,  then explored the market trend, shared their insight to in the end propose a new concept.

 The new concept that each group developed was put into live story and presented in form of a play to top management.

The new concept presented in form of a play


The methodology brought by China Bridge brings lot of fun to participants as well as confidence. It was a first experience for all participants who all enjoyed very much the workshop.

Not only did participants enjoyed the workshop but also top management of Bank Of Nanjing, who found refreshing business idea. Among the 3 ideas that were proposed to top management, one immediately seduced top management who wants to work further on this idea to propose it to their clients.


employees workshop
Students workshop

This workshop was quiet inspiring for everyone, as it demonstrates that innovation does not only belong to strategist but it belongs to all the creative minds !



Knowing that kids are among most creative, Bank of Nanjing also organized workshop on family day on Saturday 4th and 11th of march !

From as young as 3 year old, kids visiting Wave were invited to create recorder robot with electronic and cardboard boxes and learned to use an electronic module.











Next workshop for kids is scheduled for march 11, inscription can be made through Bank of Nanjing Wechat account

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