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Are you a Creator, are you eco-friendly, are you a Wise-One, a Collaborator or a Maker?


Which of these adjectives describe you best?

  1. Creative
  2. Kind
  3. Generous
  4. Ingenious
  5. Thoughtful
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Which of these qualities do you appreciate most in others?

  1. Zen attitude
  2. Out of the box thinking
  3. Ingeniosity
  4. Care for the planet
  5. Big-heartedness
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Which of these faults do you most despise in others?

  1. Wastefulness
  2. Lack of dynamism
  3. Carelessness
  4. Dullness
  5. Selfishness
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How would you rather spend your free time?

  1. Playing music with friends
  2. Fixing things at home
  3. Meeting up with new people
  4. Planting vegetables in a communal garden
  5. Volunteering at a co-op
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If you could take a year off what would you do?

  1. Travel around the world and blog about your encounters
  2. Create your own start-up
  3. Spend time in your local community
  4. Take a course on social innovation
  5. Build the invention you always dreamt of
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If you would have super powers, you would:

  1. be always at the right place / right time to help people in needs
  2. be clairvoyant
  3. read people’s minds
  4. be able to build anything
  5. speak every language
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If you were a robot you would:

  1. create a social network for robots
  2. protect the environment
  3. anticipate human needs
  4. know how to repair anything
  5. share your tasks with other robots
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If you could change something in the world:

  1. frontiers would be irrelevant
  2. people and organisations would be more responsible
  3. social businesses would flourish
  4. people powered communities would make new rules
  5. everyone would be able to invent and produce things
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Your ideal city is:

  1. a place where people help eachothers to make the city a better place
  2. carbon-neutral, totally green and self-sustainable
  3. promoting crowdfunding and crowdsourcing so that everyone can contribute
  4. a place where everyone can contribute by embracing their creativity
  5. in constant transformation by the inhabitants
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You would like to be remembered as:

  1. someone original who opened up new paths
  2. someone who saved the planet
  3. someone who built the time machine
  4. someone who brought peace to the world
  5. someone who created a universal language
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