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Striking the right chord with her audience

Striking the right chord with her audience

Music is medicine for the mind, poetry for the soul and the universal language of mankind. Who understands this better than Sunita Bhuyan, the award-winning violinist renowned for using music as a life enrichment tool for over a decade now? 

At WAVE, Sunita conducted a unique, management development workshop with the employees of BNP Paribas, attempting to simplify for them the core WAVE values of Co-Creation and the Maker Movement.  

Sunita began her session with the concept of Co-Creation. Together with her orchestra, she played a medley of folk songs from across India using the violin, tabla and casio as musical instruments. Displaying perfect coordination and great understanding the orchestra put up a performance par excellence for its audience. “Co-Creation is like musical orchestra in which each player is equally important. Co-creating means working together, creating trust between team members, recognizing and applauding colleagues are all part of working and excelling as team. Different stakeholders play different roles in a project or organization but for its success they all have to work in sync with each other,” Sunita said at the end of the performance, explaining in a simple, yet profound way, the true meaning of Co-creation.  

“Everyone also has the potential to create and to make something. All a leader needs to do is motivate a team member to pursue an inner drive,” Sunita said of the Maker Movement. True to her words, Sunita gave her audience the chance to discover the ‘maker,’ within themselves, turning them into singers and letting them sing several songs in melody.

“Music can teach the most profound lessons, but that is something most people don’t envisage. Each time I conduct a session even I learn immensely from it. If my audience is a small group, I have to work to create the perfect energy throughout the session. If the audience is a large number it is challenging to keep everyone interested. Through music I don’t just break a barrier for my audience, but for myself as well,” Sunita says, signing off on a positive note of learning, loving and growing through music. 

Bonsy Mehta
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